Collect and reconcile
payments easily

Receive, confirm, and track all online and in-store payments easily and instantly.

Merchants utilise our unique payment solutions to provide customers with smooth and instant payment experiences. Collecting and reconciling online and in-store payments is much more seamless and faster.


Experience greater payment efficiency, control, and flexibility with our virtual accounts.

Experience payment convenience and accessibility across Africa with our mobile money service.

Enjoy fast and secure local and cross-border transactions with our DLT payment service.

Experience the convenience of paying seamlessly on the go with your e-wallet apps.

Who we work with

Retail Stores

Provide fast and reliable payment processes for customer satisfaction and effectively manage business finances.

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Fast Food and Restaurants

Offer seamless and instant payment options to increase customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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Fintechs / Neobanks

Offer customers streamlined and secure collections and payout services across Africa.

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Travel agencies and airlines

Provide real-time payment updates and offer loyalty programs to create memorable customer experiences.

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Digital Assets platforms

Provide faster transactions with globally accessible and decentralised systems.

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Collect instant local customer payments and improve the checkout experience.

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Digital Creators

Offer various payment options, set clear payment terms, and ensure secure and reliable payment processing.

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Why merchants love

Loved by merchants and customers

Safe and Fast

Bani directly integrates with banks and financial services. This means; we are built on bank-grade security, confirmation of transactions is faster, and settlement happens instantly.

Multiple collection channels

Unlock access to more local payment collection channels in Africa. Effortlessly issue virtual accounts or start accepting mobile money and DLT payments today.

Cloud-based API

Our cloud-based services make building customisable experiences for online and in-store payment collections effortless. Build faster systems by reconciling transactions in real time.

Lowest Charges

With Bani, you'll enjoy the lowest rates for bank transfer payments using our virtual accounts, mobile money payments across Africa, and DLT payments globally.

Engineered for developers by developers

With our developer-friendly APIs and a few lines of code you can implement Bani in the afternoon.

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